India Oven Masala, Authentic Indian Food Made Vegan

*I had was invited to try this restaurant as part of my affiliation with Vegas Lifestyle Influencers. All opinions are my own.*

My first job was for a very sweet and generous Indian man who always invited me to have dinner with him and his wife at what he called “the best Indian restaurant in Vegas”. I never did take him up on it which I do regret. It wasn’t until after college, when I had my first baby that I finally tried Indian food. I remember the butter chicken, the Mango Lassi and the Tandori Chicken. Now, the closes thing I had come to Indian food was a box of organic frozen food which was a far cry from the flavor and smells of real Indian food.

The best part about India Oven Masala as a local is that it is another delicious vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant I can add to my list of favorites. For tourists(and locals who work or live near to strip) it is very conveniently located just a few miles off the strip. The food is excellent, the staff is very friendly but the decor…

Isn’t it so pretty? My favorite was the ceiling. I love it!

We were treated to the lunch buffet, which includes the Mango Lassi, sadly that is not vegan but it is ovo-lacto veg friendly.

Everything looked delicious

and was clearly labeled “vegetarian/vegan” or “non-veg”.

There was even beautiful looking salad bar which I confess, I didn’t try because I was so busy eating all the yellow Dahl I could.

One of the best things about this restaurant I didn’t find out until I was there, they make their own Naan and Dosas right there in house, guys, they are made to order! I was so excited to have my very own vegan naan and dosa to try. I have had naan before but it was my first time trying dosa. I would describe it as a very thin, crepe like pancake, perfect to try all those delicious sauces they have next to the salad portion of the buffet. I mentioned before the friendly staff and caring. As I waited for my garlic naan I chatted with the nice man making it for me and inquired about the dosa’s ingredients. He quickly assured me he could make it vegan. I thanked him, walked away to grab more food and came back to pick up my dosa. As soon as I sat down a server came and switched out my dosa because he accidentally made a non vegan one for me and he quickly replaced it with the vegan one. I was so grateful!

Not only was the food delicious and authentic but it is healthy too. I do enjoy fake chicken and meat once in a while, I’m that kind of vegan 😉 but I also enjoy the simplicity of natural foods. The dishes were very flavorful and beautiful but if you really look at them they were just vegetables, lentil and chickpeas with spices. Cant get much healthier than that!

If you’re not vegan/vegetarian, don’t worry, they have food for you there as well and from what I heard from the other girls it is delicious. Did I mention they also have a full bar at dinner?

If you want to find out more about India Oven Masala follow their yummy Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page or get more info on their website.

Better yet, head on over there for their lunch buffet from 11-3pm 7 days a week or stop by for dinner.