Nuunbassador 2018

I was so excited when I opened my email yesterday morning and found I have been invited to be a Nuunbassador in 2018! I’ve been drinking Nuun instead of other more sugary sports drinks since I started running. I am so excited to help more people discover this awesome product!

Speaking of running…about my run streak…it only lasted until a few days before the Nuunbassador welcome email. I was sick, babies were sick and then lack of sleep because baby K started teething so I overslept one day(or two) and lost my streak. Will I try again in the future? Of course I will.

I forgot how hard it is to take a picture of a baby’s teeth lol This was the best I could do. Also, fun fact Little Miss A lost her two front teeth as baby sister was getting two bottom teeth.

For now my runs are just working to build up my endurance and mileage again. I’m finding my body is taking longer to bounce back after baby 2 and running is a lot tougher than I remember. And even though its tough, I really missed stroller running. But physically I don’t think I can take on a half marathon just yet but I’m working on it!


Have you ever attempted a run streak?