Dumbo Double Dare Recap

My last race before Dumbo was the 2014 Star Wars Half Marathon so it had been a while and to say I was excited is an understatement. I was also unprepared because I had chosen to take it easy all summer because of my PF but Daniel decided to surprise me by registering us at the last minute possible. I still can’t believe he found bibs! This would not have been possible a few years ago when runDisney was at its peak. In my opinion, if they hadn’t raised prices to what they are now there would still be a higher demand.

The expo was your typical runDisney expo but again I was surprised that I was able to walk right up to the New Balance booth and purchase the Ariel shoes for my daughter. She’s a big fan of Ariel and mommy guilt made me buy them because I was at Disneyland without her. She loved them and managed to forgive me for leaving her lol

After the expo I spent quality time at Trader Sam’s and meeting up with friends. This weekend was a big success for me, socially. I’ll talk more about it later on.

Saturday I was feeling good but didn’t want to push for a PR because I wanted to PR the next day and I wanted to play at the parks after the race. I ran solo as usual but I still had fun. Before I start sharing pictures I just want to say how happy I am Disney is finally letting us download race pictures ‘free’ for annual pass holders. I don’t have to pay $24 for one picture anymore!

Any who, this is a shot of me running though Carsland


I was ok with my finishing time.


After the race Daniel and I met up with some friends and headed to Trader Sam’s. Usually we have our little munchkin and all she wants to do is play in the parks so we don’t have a lot of adult time. After a Shrunken Zombie Head we headed back to the parks for a bit then called it a night.

Sunday I woke up feeling funny but I attributed the feeling to the Shrunken Head from the previous evening. I’m going to complain for a bit, usually us back of the packers sit down while corrals A- whatever start their race. This time the volunteers had us all on our feet, why?! They kept walking by asking us all to stand. I felt like being rebellious and sat the whole time, I wasn’t about to aggravate my PF before the race. Sorry runDisney volunteers, I appreciate what you do but I needed to sit. I wasn’t the only one sitting though. The runner behind me was sitting too. She had such a cute costume on, Steamboat Willy, complete with wheel! Finally, almost 1 hour after corral A started my corral started. I was so pumped I just kept running. Suddenly, I see Steamboat Willy again and she runs next to me for a bit but then in Carsland I had to use the restroom. I ran alone for a while, enjoying the sights of the parks and somewhere in the backstages of Disneyland I spotted Steamboat Willy again! Maybe the thought or running the streets of Anaheim compelled me or maybe it was the result of hanging out with more adults over the course of the weekend but I went completely stepped out of my comfort zone and asked her if she wanted some company. We ran together the rest of the race and for the first time since I started running I crossed the finish with someone other than Daniel.


My PR goal was out the window when Steamboat Willy let me know she wasn’t having the best race day but I was happy to stick around and provide company at least.


For the second time since I started running I finished the Dumbo Double Dare!


Have you ever done a runDisney race? Have you ever run with someone you met on the race course?


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  1. That sounds like a fun racecation! How cool that you found Steamboat Willy to run with 🙂 I’ve done a couple Disney World races but never one at Disneyland.

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