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Hello and welcome! I am so excited to be participating in the blog hop hosted by the fabulous Runaway Bridal Planner!


So a little about me, I’m a mom to one wonderfully active 6 year old, the best wife in the world(you better be nodding Daniel), part time substitute teacher, virtual race director and of course blogger. Β I like to laugh at my own jokes mostly because I think I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny πŸ˜› I love Star Wars and Disney but wasn’t thrilled when they merged into the reason my bank account is always low. Sometimes, if I’m really good I have time to crochet stuff for friends and family. I started running in 2012 and despite recent setbacks I still enjoy running. It all began as a way to get healthy and loose the post baby pooch but as it turned out I like medals. I have completed several races: 3 5ks, 6 10ks, 8 half marathons and 2 full marathons. My favorite race so far has been the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Fransisco. Sorry runDisney, your medals are cool but they gave me Tiffany’s.

My most recent race, Dumbo 2016
My most recent race, Dumbo 2016

I really wish I was more photogenic in race pictures but to my defense, the sun was in my face in this one.

I began my vegan diet as a simple diet detox because despite my working out I wasn’t loosing anymore weight. Little did I know those 21 days would change me so much. I did end up losing more weight but I gained much more than just weight loss. Sadly the little weight I did loose came right back when my foot troubles began. I suffer from severe Plantar Fasciitis which limited my running for almost one year. I finally got custom orthotics that I have to wear everyday, bye bye cute flats. On the positive side I can still wear heels but who wants to chase after 20 kindergarteners in heels? Β So that leaves me with no choice but to wear running shoes to work, right? Β πŸ˜‰ I still do everything in my power to reduce pain naturally because I’ve heard mixed reviews of the shots and surgery is my last resort.

We recently relocated from El Segundo, CA to the Las Vegas desert and we bought a nice house which one year after moving in is still not properly decorated. I’ll get to it…soon. During this crazy settling in period is when I lost my previous blog Running With A Stroller. I have since made my peace with the loss but I’m grateful and appreciate the good times we had. RIP first blog. As you can see, this blog is still a work in progress.

Thanks for reading!


What has been your favorite race so far? Any advice on the shot for PF?



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  1. Sorry to hear you have had bad PF. I got it earlier this year but thankfully it cleared up quickly. I still have twinges but roll my foot regularly and that definitely helps. I hope you get the right treatment sorted soon.

    My favourite race so far is Trailffest, a trail half marathon down mountains in Wales. It was really tough but so beautiful and everyone was so friendly and chatty, especially on the slow uphill parts where we all had to walk! It’s certainly one I’d like to do again.

    1. I had never heard of Trailffest so I googled it. It looks like it would be such a great experience! I hope you do get to do it again. I also roll my foot regularly with a Moji massager and it has helped so much.

    1. Thanks for the info! My pain is managed right now but if it flares up I’ll definitely bring up the physical therapy option to my doctor. Anything but the shots! LOL

  2. My husband has Plantar Fasciitis so I know how that pain can debilitate. Sounds like you figured it out with your custom orthotics and running shoes. There are so many cute options for sneakers these days…it’s actually my preferred shoe style!

    1. There are so many great shoes out there that it’s hard not to buy them all lol Hope your husband has his PF under control. πŸ™

  3. I’m a huge Disney and Star Wars fan too πŸ™‚ I’m planning on doing the Star Wars race at Disney World next April. They’re so good at parting me from my money! Sadly no advice on the PF. I hope it gets better and doesn’t require a shot. That’s interesting about the insoles. I just got some a couple weeks ago but think they may be the reason my knee hurts now πŸ™

    1. Were your insoles from the doctor or running store? When I got mine he warmed me about possible knee pain while they ‘trained me’. I hope your knee feels better.

      1. Mine were from the running store and no warning πŸ™ So I’m thinking more and more it’s about the insoles. I may take them out and go back to the way my shoes were before… but that made my feet hurt which was the whole reason I got the insoles. Oh well… decisions!

  4. I’ve been in my house since August 2012 and we still have boxes piled up in the front room, garage, and shed. So not being decorated is minor lol

    1. It just looks so empty! lol We moved from a tiny beach apartment so we had little furniture to begin with and add to that what little we had was damaged in storage and it looks like we just moved in last week.

  5. You just gave me the idea to look up the Nike Women’s Half (I wasn’t familiar with it before, but I love Tiffany’s) and I see they cancelled it for this year! πŸ™ I hope they plan to revive it in 2017 because I would love to run it!

    1. They had me so excited for 2016 because they moved it from SF to Los Angeles then they cancelled it πŸ™ Hopefully they bring it back, it was a great race.

  6. Nice to see you are a fellow vegan! I’ve been a vegan now for 6 1/2 years. I’m local to WDW, and so I’ve done a couple of runDisney races here. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d run more of them. They are a fun time.

    1. I’d love to do more WDW races but the travel expenses add up when theres two runners and neither one of them volunteers to sit the race out lol 6 1/2 years vegan, that’s great! I was vegetarian on and off since I was 12 and finally decided to take the plunge to full vegan 3 years ago. So glad I did!

  7. It’s nice to meet you through the blog hop! I’ve heard that the Nike Women’s Half is amazing but never got a chance to run it. I’ve had PF so I definitely feel your pain…I did physical therapy and cut back on running for awhile when it was at its worse. I didn’t have a shot, just did a lot of calf stretching and changed my shoes.

    1. Glad you figured something out. I have read that calf stretching can help. Maybe I’ll dust off my yoga mat and look up some poses to help me stretch my calves.

  8. I have done so many races, it’s hard to name a favorite one. Many are favorites but for different reasons. I have had two pretty mild (in comparison to the experiences I’ve read that others have had) episodes with PF. The shots creep me out just a bit…I’ve just done self-massage, icing, and scaling back the mileage. I’m “hopping” over from the other group πŸ˜‰ Glad to meet you πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks for hoping over πŸ™‚ The doctor kind of scared me when he explained the shots. He said they would be painful and there was no guarantee they would work 100%. Yikes, no thanks Dr.

  9. I can imagine how disappointed you felt after losing your first blog. I remember visiting your old blog and loved the name! I guess new beginnings bring new prospectives in life! I miss my ‘new blog’ days. It was so much fun to play around with themes and menus and pages. Now that my blog layout is pretty set (at least for now), I miss the good old days. The entire new blog is your canvas now! May the new blog bring you even more inspiration! I hope your PF issues settle down soon and you can be back at the game. It’s always a tough choice to opt for surgery.

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to all the firsts again. At least I did’t start from scratch like the first time on the rest of my social media. πŸ˜€

  10. I think you look great in the race picture, your smiling and that says alot!
    So sorry you suffer from PF. I’ve never had it, but I battled through 3 years of tendonitis issues which are treated oddly similar. My dad also currently has PF. If they’ve already put you in the boot for 2 months and that didn’t fix it with the slow rehabilitation after. I also have heard mixed reviews on the shot. The surgery is a last resort and since PF can take 1-3 years to get over fully, I would wait on that. But my dad was told the shot only works in about 15% of patients. If their are little to no side effects, I’d say go for it. It’s a tough battle, I hope you can get through it soon! But I hear ya on the discouragement because I only just finished coming back to running after years of layoff from a work accident that ruined my foot tendons, so I kinda understand!
    Hope you enjoy the hop, good luck with PF!!!!

    1. Thanks for hosting the hop! Sorry you and our dad have dealt with foot issues. Foot problems are so tricky. It’s not like you can avoid walking until you heal. The doctor gave me the same speech about the shot not always working for everyone so I opted for orthotics and more holistic methods. I didn’t know it could take 1-3 years to get over PF. My doctor was little more dire in his prognosis, he said due to my pronation I would suffer for life. πŸ™ I like the 1-3 years better.

  11. I’ve always wanted to do a Nike women’s race! There was a rumor that Atlanta (where I live) was going to get one this year but it fell through. I love runDisney as well!

    1. I read about Atlanta. I was disappointed with the way Nike handled the cancellation of this series. They hyped up the LA race and had us all sign up for registration reminders only to cancel all US races πŸ™

    1. More like Bluehost gave up on me πŸ™ I got an email saying they would delete my blog in 48 hours and I called to save it but the person I spoke with said there was nothing I could do since the content was deleted the previous Friday. Now they have my updated credit card info and I’m on autorenew lol Lesson learned!

  12. I think I would have a hard time getting over the loss of my blog! What happened to it?!

    I too am a Disney fan. I love running Disney races (my bank account doesn’t) and my daughter does too! I have my sites set on Wine and Dine for next year, depending on where and when me move next.

    1. Oh just carelessness on my part. My credit card on file with Bluehost expired and I locked myself out of my account so I didn’t call to update the card and pay for anther year until it was too late. πŸ™ I’ve never done Wine & Dine but I’d love to do it one day! Good luck to wherever you guys move!

  13. Any tips on great places to go in El Segundo? I may be moving there next year! Kudos for being a kindergarten teacher, runner, and vegan – three things I don’t imagine doing! Nice to meet you on the blog hop! πŸ˜‰

    1. I still go to El Segundo often because my husband still works there. Some advice, don’t go to Dockweiler go North to Playa Del Rey for a day at the beach. Manhattan Beach is nice too but seems like they’re always on the news for shark sightings lol

  14. I think it’s do cool when people find there untapped potential. I am also in awe with anyone who has ran a -thon, whether it’s half,mara or tele (I laugh at my own jokes too). I’ve only completed 5ks and mudruns but although I am a diva I love getting muddy. My favorites runs have been mudruns. Thanks for sharing your story! Sorry you lost your first blog!

    1. Glad to see you have a good sense of humor too lol I’ve never tried a mud run but I hear they can be fun. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

  15. hahaha, agreed with you on the Nike Women’s Half! I’ve only ever run one race in my life and it was that one! I will admit that I was indeed partially wooed by the Tiffanys necklace. πŸ˜›

    1. You can wear it daily and nobody will give you weird looks for walking around wearing a race medal. I got lucky too, I got in through lottery on my first attempt πŸ˜€

  16. Nice to meet you Ellie! I love Star Wars and sometimes crochet as well πŸ˜‰ Right now my four year old is constantly asking me to make her a new blanket haha! Sorry to hear about your PF problems, that is a tough one. I am a big fan of daily SMR work for soft tissue injuries (and injury prevention) are you currently rolling out your foot each day?I am also a big fan of E-stem which can help with pain management and healing. I hope you get that foot settling down so you can enjoy your Disney runs, maybe I will see you at one of the Star Wars Half Marathons, those are now on my bucket list!

    1. Haha, my daughter asks me to make blankets for her stuffed friends not her. Have you seen that crochet pattern for the x-wing? That’s too much work for me lol I do roll my foot in the evenings before bed and it seems to help so I don’t have that nasty pain as soon as my foo thats the ground in the mornings. Haven’t given e-stem a try but I’ll look into it. As a fellow SW fan I have to vouch for the SW half at Disneyland, it was awesome!! Haven’t done the WDW one but its on my list so I can get the special Kessel Run medal.

  17. Vegan? Awesome. I have tried it several times but the transition is tough and I don’t want to quit meat and dairy and end up eating processed foods instead. I know it’s the healthiest way though and I had an awesome salad today that just have motivated me to give veganism a try again.

    1. That was my biggest problem right after I moved. I relied too much on vegan convenience foods and ended up gaining some of the weight I had lost. πŸ™ My only advice if you really want to make the change is to transition slowly.

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